Jardine Aviation Services provides best-in-class ground handling services at Hong Kong International Airport. Since 1946, we are the market leader in providing customized ground handling services, including passenger services, ramp operations, baggage and cargo handling, flight control, load planning and crew care. We are committed to providing the highest quality of services to our airline customers.   With our own dedicated on-airport training facilities, we are also an official IATA Regional Training Partner, providing aviation professionals from across Asia with some of the industry’s most advanced operational and safety training programmes.  


1946 marks the beginning of Jardine Aviation Services’ Journey. With our continuous effort, we have developed into a leading ground handling services provider at Hong Kong International airport.


We started off as Jardine Airways and provided customers with a sales agency and customized airport services at the Kai Tak airport (Hong Kong’s former international airport). Our first client was British Overseas Airways Corporation which was the former British Airways, and they have been one of our longest-serving customers.


Jardine Airways was restructured and Jardine Airport Services Limited (JASL) was formed as a joint venture between Jardine Matheson Group and China National Aviation Company (Group) to offer a range of ground handling services including passenger and flight operations, load control, and cargo services at the airport.


Jardine Airport Services Limited (JASL) moved its operations to the current Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok. Jardine Air Terminal Services Limited (JATS) was established as a subsidiary of JASL to provide aircraft ramp and baggage handling services at the airport. Jardine Aviation Academy (JAA) was also established in 2013 to provide IATA and in-house training to aviation companies and individuals hoping to develop a career in the industry.

2019 – Present

Since the 2019, the Company has embarked on a transformation programme to enhance work efficiency and customer satisfaction through digital and innovative solutions. We have, and will continue to, provide the best quality of services to our customers. With our effort and determination, our clientele has grown to over 40 airlines. While the onset of the pandemic has heavily disrupted Hong Kong’s aviation industry, we are confident about the future of Hong Kong’s aviation industry with the completion of Third Runway System in 2024 and vision of Greater Bay Area.

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