Pet Travel Service
At Jardine Aviation Services, your furry best friend is treated with extra care and experience. Our professional staff will stand by the aircraft upon your pet’s arrival and send you a photo of your pet, which will then be safely transported from the aircraft in an air-conditioned vehicle.

We are the pioneer and only ground-handler in Hong Kong to provide this service, promising safe and reliable care for your pet when arriving or departing Hong Kong.

Arrival Process
(Departure Process is the reverse)

Note: This service is only available for customers travelling on below airlines:  

Attention to British Airways Pet Travel Customers

Customers who would like to book pet travel (applicable to cats and dogs only) on British Airways departing from Hong Kong will have to apply via an online platform effective 23rd August 2021 at 10:00 am HK Time.

Please click here to commence the registration.

For general enquiries (such as price, weight, or customs requirements), please check our Frequently Asked Questions section. For cat/dog breeds not acceptable for travel on British Airways, please refer to this table.

For enquiries that cannot be answered by our FAQ, or you have animals other than cat and dogs that need to travel on British Airways, please contact our email at

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