HKMA awards excellent training programmes of JASG


September 13, 2018

Our JASL and JATS training teams nabbed the Excellence Awards in the Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) Award for Excellence in training and Development this year. An award presentation ceremony was held on Thursday 13 September to recognise the efforts and achievements of winners.

The forward-thinking JASG Learning and Development team has successfully transformed our passenger services and ramp training programmes to be strategically aligned with our customer-centric strategy. Both teams accelerated the pace of adopting new technologies to train our tech-savvy millennials staff and break down communication barriers among staff of different cultures. The rich use of multimedia materials has increased memorability of staff resulting in a high quality service.

More about our award winning training programmes:

Go For Success Training Programme

The programme initiative was designed to transform the way that the company coaches and develops new staff, helping them to become more confident and competent when working at the frontline of our operation through eLearning and scenario-based training.

Ramp Service Excellence

Training Programme It successfully supports the integration and expansion of ethnic minorities into the workforce through a customised training and integration programme that promotes social inclusion, overcomes communication barriers and improves skillsets.

Congratulations to the winning teams!

Dino Lui, Director & General Manager, Ramp and Cargo Services(back row, first left), Moniz Lee , Head of Human Resources (front row, right first) , Irene Yip, Learning and Development Manager (front row, right second), Yeung Kwan Shing, JATS Learning & Development Manager (back row, right first) , Gawdy Ng, Assistant Manager – Learning and Development (back row, left second), Tsui Kai Tin, Senior Training Officer (back row, right fourth) and Gary Yip, Training Officer (back row, right second) were invited to the award presentation ceremony.

Moniz Lee(left second) and Irene Yip (right second) represented JASG’s the “Go For Success Training Programme” to receive the trophy on stage

Moniz Lee(left second) and Tsui Kai Yin (right second) represented JASG’s the “Ramp Service Excellence Training Programme” to receive the trophy on stage