JASG has been awarded “Outstanding Ground Service Agent of 2023” by Jiangxi Air


March 13, 2024

Since last February, Jardine Aviation Services has been Jiangxi Air’s ground handling partner in Hong Kong, the first station the airline has opened outside of Mainland China.  As the airline has no station representatives based in Hong Kong, they have elected to utilize our station management service wherein we handle the duties of airline station manager.  During the past year, Jiangxi Air sent three contingents of its staff, grouped by function, to Hong Kong in order to observe and learn from Jardine’s operation.  The Jardine ground handling team welcomed these groups and introduced the unique elements of this airport that make Hong Kong different from Jiangxi Air’s other outstations.  Their learnings have been brought back to Nanchang to improve operations at the carrier’s hub.  We are thankful to Jiangxi Air’s team for their cooperation during the first year of service and look forward to continued smooth operations.


自去年二月起,怡中航空服務公司成為江西航空在香港的地勤合作夥伴,這是該航空公司在中國大陸以外地區開設的第一個地勤站。 由於航空公司在香港並未設有駐站代表,因此選擇使用我們的駐站管理服務,由我們來履行航空公司駐站經理的職責。 在過去的一年裡,江西航空按職能分三批派員赴港,觀摩和學習怡中的運作。 怡中地勤團隊對他們的到來表示歡迎,並向他們介紹了香港機場不同於江西航空其他外站的獨特之處。 他們將學習到的經驗帶回南昌,以改善航空公司樞紐的營運。 我們非常感謝江西航空團隊在第一年服務期間的通力合作,並期待繼續保持平穩運作。