JASG Safety Month 2022 - AF/KLM Station Manager Sharing


October 6, 2022

In view of the flight resumption in HK Airport, JASG has launched Safety Month in October. On 6th October, Mr Chan Yau Hung — HK Station Manager of Air France and KLM Royal Dutch airlines – has become our first guest speaker for the month, sharing on driving safety at the airport. It was a good forum for our staff, sparking new conversations on ways to strengthen our collaborative relationship.Stay tuned to our social media pages for more upcoming Safety Months events!

有見香港機場的航班陸續恢復,JASG於10月推行了安全月。在 10 月 6 日,我們有幸請到法國航空公司及荷蘭皇家航空公司的站長,陳佑雄先生,作我們第一位安全講座的演講嘉賓。他分享了關於機場駕駛安全的知識,和機場社區內保持密切合作關係的重要性。對於我們的員工來說,這是一個非常好的分享平台,讓我們在此方面多交流,繼續合作維護機場內安全的工作環境。請繼續關注我們的社交媒體,了解更多即將舉行的安全月活動!