JASG wins GHI International Safety - Ramp Innovation Awards

怡中榮獲GHI International Safety - Ramp Innovation獎

December 1, 2017

JASG is pleased to have been voted the best entry for Ramp Innovation Awards in the Ground Handling International Safety Awards 2017 for our service stairs modification measures that minimize cargo hold door damage.

JASG was the first ground handler in Hong Kong to use service stairs to open wide-body aircraft hold doors. However, when airline customers first started to introduce A380 aircraft, JASG observed a potential risk of aircraft damage caused by the cargo hold door hitting the stair safety barrier.

This is due to the design of the cargo hold door, where the operator has to position the stairs very close to door side in order to reach the door lever. Once the door lever is pulled and the lock is released, the hold door pops outwards and can hit the safety barrier if the stairs have been slightly mispositioned.

The safety team therefore decided to modify the safety barrier by installing a full-size cushion in bright yellow on the side facing the aircraft. The solution has been found to be very effective not only to avoid aircraft damage when any contact occurs but also helping the operator judge the distance with the aircraft door more accurately when positioning the stairs.

“This has been a very good demonstration of joint effort between our operation, training and safety teams in preventing accidents. Through trials and reviews by all the parties involved, the protection device has been improved several times including its coverage, position and material. We are delighted that these joint efforts have received such recognition in the industry.

With the operating environment becoming more challenging, one of our major focuses is to explore new initiatives particularly in staff training, work procedures and equipment operations, with a view to perform our jobs in a more safe manner.” Raymond Shek, Deputy General Manager - Safety and Security.

Full size cushions are installed on the service stairs to minimize cargo hold door damage

JASG safety team