Wellness X Technology : AI face-scanning health check at JASG


October 26, 2022

In line with Jardines Mental Wellness Month #JMWM, JASG collaborated with Mannings for on-site health services on 26 October.Mannings professional pharmacists team provided the PanopticAI facial scan services to JASG colleagues allowing us to know essential vital signs, including blood pressure, heart rate, and even Stress level instantly.

配合十月怡和精神健康月#JMWM,怡中航空服務與Mannings合作,於10月26日在我們辦公室提供現場免費創新健康檢查服務。萬寧的專業藥劑師團隊帶來了創新技術健康檢查服務-- PanopticAI 面部掃描讓JASG的同事們體驗科技在健康領域的應用,並檢查他們的基本生命迹象,包括血壓,心率,甚至壓力水平。