JASG Partnering in Greater Bay Airline's First Flight!


July 25, 2022

Greater Bay Airlines' #GBA first flight, handled by #JASG, was set to take off for Bangkok from Hong Kong on 23 Jul!Along GBA's journey from obtaining Air Transport License, training flights, to their first scheduled commercial flight, JASG is proud to offer our #expertise and #partner in our customer‘s #success.

大灣區航空公司#GBA 首航於7 月23 日從香港飛往曼谷!怡中見證了大灣區航空公司自獲得航空運輸許可證、培訓航班到商業航班首航的整個旅程中,我們很自豪能夠提供我們的專業航空知識並致力于航空客戶的成就。