JASG is Hong Kong's first Ground Handling Agent to receive IATA Competency-based Training & Assessment Center Certification

怡中航空服務公司宣布成為香港首個獲得國際航空運輸協會 (IATA) 認可為證書培訓中心的地勤服務商

December 1, 2022

PRESS RELEASE – Jardine Aviation Services Group – for immediate release 1 Dec 2022


HONG KONG – Jardine Aviation Services Group proudly announces becoming the first ground handling agent in Hong Kong to be granted Competency-based Training and Assessment (CBTA) Center Certification by the International Air Transport Association


After conducting an in-depth audit and examination during October 2022,IATA has determined that Jardine Aviation Academy (JAA) fulfils all requirements to be a Competency-based Training and Assessment (CBTA) Provider.  Dave Li, Director and General Manager of Passenger Services, is pleased to share that Jardine Aviation Services Group is the first ground handling agent in Hong Kong to receive this certification.


In 2019, IATA unveiled CBTA as the next step in the evolution of Dangerous Goods Regulations training, replacing traditional learning with a skills-based approach training and assessment. Beginning in 2023, all IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations training must be conducted by CBTA-certified providers.


As aviation and logistics companies ramp up recruitment during the pandemic recovery, JAA is proud to be able to provide this critical instruction to organizations and individuals in Hong Kong.

JAA has published its 2023 Dangerous Goods Regulations training course schedule on its website and is accepting enrolments.

About Jardine Aviation Academy (JAA)

Jardine Aviation Academy is an IATA-accredited Regional Training Partner since 2013 providing training for airports, airlines, ground service providers, express and logistics companies as well as individuals wanting to develop a career within the aviation industry. JAA has trained participants from mainland China and 40+ countries. JAA is part of Jardine Aviation Services Group (JASG), which is a joint venture between the Jardine Matheson Group and China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC).


Further information

Jardine Aviation Academy Media Desk

+852 2216 2433, academy(at)jasg.com

經過在 2022 年 10 期間進行的深度審計和檢查後,IATA 確定 Jardine Aviation Academy (JAA) 能夠滿足成為能力為本危險品培訓及評核 (CBTA) 提供商的所有要求。乘客服務部董事兼總經理李先生表示,很高興怡中航空服務公司能夠成為香港首家獲得此認證的地勤服務商。

在2019 年,IATA 公佈了 CBTA 作為危險品條例培訓發展的下一步,用能力為本的培訓和評核方法取代傳統的訓練方式。從 2023 年開始,所有 IATA 危險品條例培訓都必須由獲得 CBTA 認證的培訓中心進行。

隨著航空和物流公司在疫情恢復期間進行大規模招聘,JAA 很榮幸能夠向香港各個航空組織和人員提供這一項重要的培訓。

JAA 已經在網站上發布了 2023 年危險品條例培訓的課程時間表,並正式開始接受報名。

關於 Jardine Aviation Academy (JAA)

自 2013 年以來,JAA是IATA認可的區域培訓合作夥伴,為機場、航空公司、地勤服務商、快遞和物流公司以及希望在航空業發展的人員提供相關培訓。JAA培訓了來自中國內地和其他40多個國家的學員。 JAA 是怡中航空服務公司的一部分,怡中航空服務公司是怡和集團和中國航空公司 (CNAC) 的合資企業。