Joint Announcement by Jardine Pacific and Menzies Aviation

明捷航空收購怡中航空服務集團 50%股權,拓展亞洲業務

January 25, 2024

Menzies Aviation acquires 50% stake in Jardine Aviation Services Group to strengthen its presence in Asia

25 January 2024 – Menzies Aviation (“Menzies”), the leading service partner to the world’s airports and airlines, today announced the acquisition of a 50% stake in Jardine Aviation Services Group (“JASG”) from Jardine Matheson – a diversified Asia-focused conglomerate. This partnership is a joint venture with China National Aviation Corporation (“CNAC”).

JASG, a leading ground handling services company, has been operating at Hong Kong International Airport since 1946, and has been a key contributor to Hong Kong’s growth as a global aviation hub.

The strategic acquisition highlights Menzies’ long-term investment in the region where it will support the rebound in Hong Kong’s aviation sector and bolster its presence in Asia.

Upon completion, Jardine Airport Services Limited will be rebranded as Menzies CNAC Aviation Services Limited, becoming part of the world’s largest aviation services company with operations at over 255 locations in more than 60 markets, on six continents. Menzies recognises the strength and experience of the JASG team and will be looking to further support staff development as the company builds its presence in Hong Kong and expands across the region.

Menzies has long-standing relationships as a trusted partner across the region. The new Joint Venture with CNAC strengthens an existing partnership between Menzies and CNAC at Macau International Airport (MFM), where it has been the ground handler of choice since 1994. It also has operations at three airports in Indonesia and, more recently, entered Malaysia.

Vivien Lau, CEO, JASG, said, “We see tremendous potential for our employees under Menzies’ stewardship. In addition to strengthening its position within the global aviation sector, the integration offers expanded career prospects and training and development opportunities for our employees.”

Philipp Joeinig, Group CEO, Menzies Aviation, said, “We are excited to enhance our presence in Asia as we look to capture the exciting opportunities in this fast-growing aviation market. The integration enables us to broaden our footprint in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area and China as we build a collaborative relationship with CNAC, fostering mutual growth and success. Together, we will provide unparalleled aviation services to our customers, ensuring our continued commitment to safety, security and excellence. We look forward to welcoming JASG employees to Menzies, their experience will be invaluable as we support the growth and expansion of Hong Kong’s aviation sector.”

The transfer of ownership has been agreed to by China National Aviation Corporation (Group) Limited, which will remain a co-owner of the business alongside Menzies. The transaction is subject to regulatory approval and is expected to be completed in the coming months.

About Jardine Aviation Services Group (JASG)

Jardine Aviation Services Group is a world-class aviation ground handling company based at Hong Kong International Airport with operations in Hong Kong and mainland China. The company has more than 75 years of experience in passenger services, flight operations, and ramp and cargo handling.

About Menzies Aviation

Menzies Aviation is the leading service partner to the world’s airports and airlines, with operations on six continents, at more than 255 airports in 60-plus markets, serving more than 4 million flights a year and handling over 2 million tonnes of cargo. Supported by a team of over 40,000 highly trained people, the company provides complex and time-critical ground services, including passenger, lounge and ramp services; air cargo services, including handling, warehousing and wholesale freight forwarding; and fuel services, including fuel farm management and into-plane fueling.

Menzies Aviation is recognised across the industry for delivering the safest, most secure and sustainable services tailored to customers’ needs and is essential to keeping passengers, aircraft and cargo moving, round the clock, every minute of every day.

Menzies Aviation is headquartered in London, and since its founding in 1833, has become the largest aviation services group in the world by number of countries and aircraft turns.

Media Contacts

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William Brocklehurst

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For Menzies Aviation, please contact:

Beki McVicker, Communications Manager, Menzies Aviation

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明捷航空收購怡中航空服務集團 50%股權,拓展亞洲業務

2024年1月25日 – 全球機場及航空公司的領先服務合作夥伴明捷航空(「Menzies Aviation」)今天宣佈收購怡和集團持有的怡中航空服務集團(「怡中航空服務」)50%股權。收購完成後,中國航空(集團)有限公司將與明捷航空共同持有怡中航空服務股份,建立合資企業。怡和集團是一家以亞洲為業務重心的企業集團。

怡中航空服務自 1946 年起於香港國際機場營運,是其中一家擁有領先地位的地面服務公司,一直以來致力支持香港發展成為全球航空樞紐。


交易完成後,怡中航空服務集團將會更名為「中航明捷航空服務有限公司」,正式成為明捷航空旗下公司。明捷航空是全球規模最大的航空服務公司,業務遍佈六大洲,在 60 多個市場超過 255 個機場提供航空服務。明捷航空高度認可怡中航空服務團隊深厚的行業經驗和優勢,並期待於香港以及亞洲拓展業務的同時,繼續支持員工的專業發展。

明捷航空與亞洲航空服務業擁有長期合作關係,深受業界信賴。是次與中國航空(集團)有限公司成立的合資公司將加強雙方現有合作關係。雙方自 1994 年起於澳門國際機場展開合作,明捷航空一直以來是澳門國際機場的首選地勤服務商。此外,明捷航空亦於印尼的三個機場開展業務,近期更成功進入馬來西亞市場。

怡中航空服務集團行政總裁劉敏儀女士表示 : 「在明捷航空的領導下,我們對員工未來的發展前景充滿信心。此次交易除了能加強我們現時於全球航空業的地位外,還可以為怡中航空服務員工提供更多培訓和發展機會,擴闊事業發展前景。」

明捷航空行政總裁 Philipp Joeinig 先生表示: 「我們很高興能夠在亞洲拓展業務,把握快速增長的航空市場所呈現的機遇。此項交易能拓展我們於香港、大灣區以及整個中國市場的業務版圖,促進與中國航空(集團)有限公司的合作關係,擕手並進、達致雙贏。我們將共同為客戶提供一流的航空服務,貫徹我們對安全、安保和卓越服務的承諾。我們期待怡中航空服務員工加入明捷航空,他們深厚的行業經驗將有助於我們進一步推動香港航空業的發展。」


關於怡中航空服務 (JASG)

怡中航空服務是一家世界級的航空地面服務公司,總部設在香港國際機場,業務遍及香港和中國大陸。該公司在客運服務、航班運營、停機坪和貨物裝卸方面擁有 70 多年的經驗。怡中航空服務公司是怡和集團和中國航空(集團)有限公司 (CNAC) 的合資企業。

關於明捷航空 (Menzies Aviation)

明捷航空是全球機場及航空公司的領先服務合作夥伴,業務遍及六大洲,在 60 多個市場超過255 個機場營運,每年服務超過 400 萬個航班,處理超過 200 萬噸貨物。在超過 42,000 名專業員工團隊的支援下,明捷航空提供複雜緊湊的地面服務,包括乘客、休息室和停機坪服務;航空貨運服務,包括裝卸、倉儲及大量貨運代理;以及燃油服務,包括燃油儲存管理和機內加油。


明捷航空總部位於倫敦,自 1833 年成立以來,明捷航空按國家數量及航班計算,已成為全球最大的航空服務集團。



William Brocklehurst

+852 5685 9881


Beki McVicker, Communications Manager, Menzies Aviation

via Dentons Global Advisors

Dentons Global Advisors, One Fleet Place, London, EC4M 7RA

Tel: +44 (0)7510 385552